When submitting ideas or orders for screen printing, details are crucial. One of our goals is to ensure that what you want on your apparel is what you get. Placement, colors involved, and size of your design are all ideas to make your order successful. Details such as the amount of colors in your design, the number of locations that need to be printed on, and the color of the t shirts are all things that will affect the price of your order. Another variable is the type or style of t shirt. For instance, a long sleeved t shirt, a sweater, or a stylish distressed t shirt will all amount to different quotes even if they have the same image on them. And lastly, do not forget the size of your order. The amount of t shirts you would like to get printed greatly affects the price per. An order of 50 pcs versus an order of 800-1,000 pcs can reduce the price per t shirt by more than half in most cases and save or make money if the idea is to resell them. And if the idea is to save money with no harm to quality in return, then the need to look further has just vanished, because we remove the weight of uncertainty and shipping fees from your shoulders. We take pride in delivering or orders in the Houston area with no delivery charges and maintaining communication with our clients throughout the designing and printing process. When submitting your orders, please keep these details in mind and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as time allows.